X-ray computed tomography is an advanced imaging technology allowing non-destructive object visualisation and analysis. Microtomography allows the scanning of internal 3-D structures with high spatial resolution without any damage (mechanical or electrical) to the scanned object. A complete idea of the internal structural arrangement of the whole object volume can be obtained for a wide range of materials, making this method suitable for the detection of shapes of internal and external structures, inhomogeneities, cavities, and the material porosity.

Unlike the real world, the virtual world has clear boundaries. Or at least it has had from the point of view of most people, until recently. The text of letters, artists’ dramatic works, tables of economic data, computer games, programs – all these had physical boundaries defined by the orientation of magnetic domains on the computer hard drive.

A group of experts in the Department of Electrotechnology under the leadership of docent Petr Bača under the auspices of the Faculty of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies at VUT in Brno performs cutting-edge research in the field of batteries. This group of experts also includes Dr Tomáš Kazda, a leading Czech expert in lithium-ion and so-called post-lithium systems (e.g. lithium-sulphur systems or sodium-ion batteries).

User interfaces

21. 06. 2018

Robotics research group at the Faculty of Information Technology – Robo@FIT
A user interface is sometimes an overlooked part of the product, and so may therefore be taken for granted. In practice, however, user interfaces are being given ample attention, being thoroughly tested to be adapted as much as possible to the target group the product is intended for.

S využitím softwarového modelování vyvinuli vědci z Ústavu technologie, mechanizace a řízení staveb Fakulty stavební ideální skladbu vegetační střechy, ve které mimo jiné využívají i vrstvu z recyklovaného polyesteru.

Ve stavebnictví jsou tmely velmi často používané ke spojování různých typů materiálů. Na jejich výrobní kvalitu je tak kladen velký důraz a musí být podrobeny řadě testům a zkouškám.