Unlike the real world, the virtual world has clear boundaries. Or at least it has had from the point of view of most people, until recently. The text of letters, artists’ dramatic works, tables of economic data, computer games, programs – all these had physical boundaries defined by the orientation of magnetic domains on the computer hard drive.

User interfaces

21. 06. 2018

Robotics research group at the Faculty of Information Technology – Robo@FIT
A user interface is sometimes an overlooked part of the product, and so may therefore be taken for granted. In practice, however, user interfaces are being given ample attention, being thoroughly tested to be adapted as much as possible to the target group the product is intended for.

Robot Ruda

11. 09. 2015

Návštěvníci Mezinárodního strojírenského veletrhu se letos na stánku VUT v Brně budou moci seznámit s unikátním robotem RUDOU, který by jednou mohl pomáhat zachraňovat lidské životy při vyhledávání osob v závalech a lavinách.

Human lives in mountain avalanches, land slides or collapsed buildings can be soon saved by a new invention of the team of BUT scientists. The robotic platform functions without the assistance of a human factor present in the affected locality, which makes the device unique. The robot uses connection of the most modern technologies of sensor systems.

Access to premises with high levels of security using scanning of the human eye to eliminate any falsification vs. comprehensive medical examination of the human eye - using only one device?It not only sounds great, it does in fact already exist!

Since August 2014 the Brno University of Technology has launched another spin-off company, RehiveTech, spol. s r. o. The personnel base of the company was constituted by the research group Accelerated Network Technologies of the Faculty of Information Technology ( ANT@FIT), which at the beginning of 2014 concluded with the university a general contract on cooperation and a contract on providing research results.