Since August 2014 the Brno University of Technology has launched another spin-off company, RehiveTech, spol. s r. o. The personnel base of the company was constituted by the research group Accelerated Network Technologies of the Faculty of Information Technology ( ANT@FIT), which at the beginning of 2014 concluded with the university a general contract on cooperation and a contract on providing research results.

The research group AeroWorks has designed a smart autopilot with which (only slightly exaggerating) even a child could fly a plane. The system has been tested with success in an experimental plane and now it is being prepared for commercial applications. The smart autopilot was awarded the golden medal at the International Engineering Fair 2013 in Brno.

Robot competitions in MiniSumo are a parallel of Japanese sumo, the twist being that instead of people, it is robots wrestling against each other. The competitors must not control their machines in any way; instead, the machines must be constructed so that they are able to manage the match by themselves. A new robot intended for MiniSumo matches has been developed in Brno University of Technology.