A set of thermo-accumulation modules for stabilizing thermal environments in buildings

This set of thermo-accumulation modules is able to efficiently stabilize, at low operational costs, the thermal micro-climate in buildings. The system facilitates the passive cooling of a room in summer, and can be used in the low-temperature heating of rooms in winter.

Description of the technology

The main technological parts of the module are a base plate, an insulation layer and a pad of capillary tubes flooded with water to drain or supply heat. The pad is placed in a layer of plaster with a quantity of micro-pellets containing phase-change materials (PCMs).

A capillary pad is used to ensure the reliable drainage of accumulated heat from the micro-pellets containing PCMs at night. This is permanently flooded with water in order to increase the capacity of heat accumulation and cools the accumulation medium particularly at night and outside peak hours. Screwing on distributing tubes enables modules to be easily connected together to form single distribution circulations. The set includes a reversible heat pump, e.g. air-water, for preparation of the heating/cooling water needed for operation of the energy-saving system in the winter/summer period.

Main advantages

  • Low operational costs
  • Pleasant internal micro-climate
  • Dry assembly
  • Enhanced heat-accumulation properties of the system
  • Use of off-peak electricity or renewable resources
  • Usable in all types of buildings

Protection of intellectual property

  • Registered utility model (link)
  • Granted Czech patent (link)
  • Registered industrial design (link)
  • Filed European patent application

Offer of collaboration

We are offering an exclusive or non-exclusive licence for regions where the technology is protected, and we expect the above-mentioned equipment to be applied in the market. The ideal partners are: manufacturers of accumulation panels, heating/cooling panels, manufacturers of capillary pads etc.

Demonstration of technology

You can see more about this technology in the following video.


Ing. Božena Dohnálková, Ph.D., Technology Transfer Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  +420 541 147 157

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