Mechanical design of the measuring head of Scanning Probe Microscopy

Mechanical design of the measuring head of Scanning Probe Microscopy

Provided solution is suitable for microcopy based on the atomic force technique (AFM). This kind of microscopy (AFM) is highly sensitive to mechanical vibration. Our solution refers to innovation of the design between the measuring head and the sample in order to reduce the vibration level, which is transmitted to the measuring probe.

Description of the technology

Measuring head (component where the probe is situated) is an important part of the scanning probe microscopes (SPM), especially of the atomic force microscopy (AFM). These microscopes provide a three-dimensional surface imagining and the resulting image consists of pixel composition. Each pixel of this composition represents a point on the sample surface measured (scanned) with the microscope probe. It is obvious, there must be a motion between the probe and the sample to obtain the image of the whole sample surface. The scanning motion is provided due to piezo-scanner (nano- and micrometer scale) and the adjustment of the probe position above the sample is done by piezo-motors (micro- and millimeter scale). These probe positioning piezo-motors are the source of unwanted vibration which affects the measuring accuracy negatively.

This solution allows to decrease the vibration level due to the new design and more suitable mounting of one of the probe positioning piezo-motors. Further on this arrangement allows scanning of the sample with declination (tilt) of the measuring head up to 90°. The declination enables to perform other technological steps/procedures in prior to the measurement itself – e.g. to cool down the temperature of the sample to obtain more accurate measuring results due to steady state (constant) temperature during the whole measurement.

Main advantages

  • Lower vibration level
  • Better measurement accuracy
  • Measuring with declination (tilt)

Intellectual property

  • Business/trade secrecy
  • Utility model – application is in progress

Desired business relationship

We offer exclusive or non-exclusive license and option for research collaboration.


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