This multichannel digitizer is intended for direct digitization of radio signals (without mixing). The received signal is processed in parallel in all channels, and received data is sent continuously through an Ethernet interface to a superset PC.

In the production of printed circuits boards it is necessary to ensure that all residues of soldering flux are removed effectively and carefully. Removal is carried out by washing and cleaning using spray at a high temperature (50 – 80 °C) in special liquids such as deionized water, organic solvents and other emulsion-type liquids intended for this purpose.

Reflex Hammer 2.0

03. 03. 2014

Besides the stethoscope, a reflex hammer is one of the best known symbols of the doctor. From time out of mind, reflex hammers have been used to test reflexes. A doctor will tap with the hammer and observe how the limb reacts to stimulation of the receptors. Reflex hammers are used to record the time between the tap and the body’s reaction, and thus help doctors detect possible injury to neural pathways.

By continuously refining the parameters of the products of microwave technology, the problem arises of ever smaller shape details which must be production-controlled. In the case of ceramic parts containing small holes with internal plating (e.g. coaxial resonators and filters), currently used technologies enable the use of ink containing silver on the inner surface of holes that are 1mm in diameter and larger. The technique of spraying with conductive ink and subsequently firing at 550°C is used.

Strength, reliability and durability. These are properties we require in almost all materials used in ordinary life. Materials with such characteristics are in almost all cases the most expensive, but they are also highly resistant to wearing out. 

At present, the company Luigi Dal Trozzo and others supply sets for fine welding (e.g. to jewellery manufacturers, science and the electronics industry) which consist of an electrolyser for decomposing water to hydrogen and oxygen, completed with a microburner.