Multipurpose float with reactive drive

Multipurpose float with reactive drive

08. 04. 2013

The float is designed for movement in water. With rounded dynamic edges and made of a lightweight material, everything respects the basic requirements for this type of product. A smart design feature is the deepening of the float centre at the point of the swimmer’s body position.

The float is symmetrical along its horizontal axis (the upper and the lower sides of the float are identical) and it does not matter which side of the float is submerged. In the event the float is used to save a drowning persons, it has been provided with eight oval holes to be gripped by persons being rescued. 



The most interesting feature of the float is the way it moves. The swimmer need not rely on his or her own motive power. A floating person can put their feet in “pedals” (stirrups) connected via a windable cord the float body. The swimmer makes natural movements similar to cycling or kicking. This “pedalling” drives the shaft of a radial centrifugal pump which magnifies the effectiveness of the lower limb movements – water is expelled through reverse jets and moves the float forward. Thus the floating device actually becomes a means of transport. In order to improve stability, particularly during pedalling, the float is provided with a grab handle at the front. Both the handle and pedals can be retracted into the float body so that they do not obstruct during other activities.

A Centrifugal Pump, sometimes called a hydrodynamic pump, is the most often used type of pump, particularly in light of its excellent properties (high flow-rate, reliability, simple structure, easy maintenance, long life service and low production costs/low purchase price). As implied by the name of the pump, it functions according to the principle of centrifugal force. This is produced by rotary motion acting on liquid, and is transformed into kinetic energy or pressure. The equipment uses a driving shaft which is fixed to the rotor in the form of impeller with curved blades.

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