Enjoy a more dynamic ride with a modified shock absorber

Enjoy a more dynamic ride with a modified shock absorber

What are the advantages of a pressure reservoir for a mono-tube hydraulic shock absorber compared to the current technical solutions? Shock absorbers available on the market are only adjustable using controllers located on the body of the absorbing device or on an external reservoir.

Other options include very expensive remote-controlled shock absorbers. The advantage of this newly invented solution is the option to connect up an external vessel with an electronically controlled MR valve to shock absorbers made by any manufacturer.


According to the inventor, Doc.Ing. Ivan Mazůrek of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT, the aim of the newly-developed solution is to give users increased comfort when adjusting shock absorbers and to save money on acquisition costs. A remote-controlled pressure reservoir for mono-tube hydraulic shock absorbers is particularly suited for sports cars and motorbikes, for which shock absorbers are adjusted preliminarily prior to the journey, and can then be re-adjusted during the journey according to rider’s/driver’s wishes at a particular moment. The simple construction, which demands little in terms of manufacturing technology, is also a great advantage.

The prototype is protected with a granted patent.

2The pressure reservoir for mono-tube hydraulic shock absorbers, a part of which is a floating plunger 4) between the fluid and gaseous fills, is equipped with a second floating plunger 6). In the space 7) between the second floating plunger 6) and the plunger 4) which separates the fluid and gaseous fills, there is a magnetorheological fluid. The space 7) is divided by a partition 10) provided with at least one slot 11) which is in the controllable electromagnetic field and is intended for the flow of the magnetorheological fluid.


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