Design for factory halls

Design for factory halls

12. 06. 2015

The fact that it is possible to radically transform the design of such highly-specialised equipment as industrial machines has been demonstrated by employees and students of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design at Brno University of Technology.

A simple glance at these two introductory illustrations shows us the direction taken by the team from the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design at BUT (Ing. Richard Sovják, Doc. acad. sculptor Ladislav Křenek, ArtD. and Ing. Eva Fridrichová) in creating their design for a radial drill. The design is built on the idea of dispensing with any traditional method of machining, i.e. by moving the whole arm using gravity. The concept of the drill is timeless, with a unique approach based on form and composition.

vrtacka web02

Fig. 1: Design of the radial drilling machine – technical views 

While creating this design, all requirements for safety at work and the technical parameters of the machine were obviously taken into account. In addition to its unique appearance, the concept also includes a range of other key details:

  • Complete casing for the supporting frame of the drilling machine, covering all its functional parts
  • Optional use with compressed air or just electricity
  • Inbuilt cases for tools with PUSH-method opening
  • Tank for coolant and pump under the base plate
  • Control using a touch display in the drilling head with option for ergonomic positioning
  • Checking material thickness and location using laser
  • Drill sensing using two cameras and an optical safety zone preventing injury
  • Control of motor power by sensing revolutions
  • Integrated LED illumination in the drilling head
  • Drilling status indicated in the head of drilling machine
  • New design for the drilling head, which moves horizontally, and the drilling motor, with its vertical movement
  • Sufficient rigidity of the load-bearing structure of the drilling machine

The design has been filed at the Industrial Property Office as an industrial design – details are available here.

A similar idea lay behind the creation of the design for the machine tool cover, i.e. another piece of industrial equipment which is presently manufactured almost entirely based on technical and safety requirements.

stroj web01

Fig. 2: Design of the machine tool cover

The design introduces above all a more sophisticated resolution of the machine tool casing. Big emphasis is given to ensuring that the machine promotes a sense of reliability, does not come across as overly massive, and that its appearance is a guarantee of quality and safety. The uniqueness of the shape is built on several key details of the machine tool’s structure:

  • Complete casing of machine tool, covering all its functional inside parts
  • The unique door partition enables sufficient space for entry to the machining unit
  • The control panel corresponds to the overall design of the machine; it is embedded at door level
  • Bevelling creates a dynamic impression and suggests the direction in which the door opens 

stroj web02

Fig. 3: Design of the machine tool cover

The described design of the machine tool improves the link between the appearance and function of this industrial object. The whole concept has been created so that it can be realized using technologies that are commonly found today. This concept represents a unique solution in the respective field of manufacturing. The inventors are BcA. Markéta Brávková, Ing. Eva Fridrichová and Doc. acad. sculptor Ladislav Křenek, ArtD. Their project is protected as an industrial design, the details of which are available here.

The third design, the work of Bc. Jakub Maca in cooperation with Doc acad. sculptor Ladislav Křenek, ArtD. and Ing. Veronika Sedláčková, also updates a traditional machine with the modern appearance of 21st century technology. In this case, the new band saw design is destined not just for production halls, but also for smaller artisan workshops and DIY enthusiasts.

pila 1

Fig. 4: Band saw design

The main visual element, the organic shaping of the cover using flowing smooth surfaces, is complemented with a non-standard drive, which uses three drive wheels thereby enabling the horizontal layout of structural elements. The main details are primarily:

  • A drive unit consisting of an electric motor with direct drive and three drive wheels, which enables the horizontal layout of the whole structure and gives an impression of stability and safety
  • The organic shaping of the cover, which underscores not only the functional but also aesthetic qualities of the device
  • Safety peephole in the side wall of the cover

The result is a step forward - both aesthetically and ergonomically. The described design can be applied to various types of band saws for which the manufacturer has found a solution using three driving wheels. The registered industrial design is available here.

pila 2

Fig. 5: Band saw design

Source of the pictures: the archives of the industrial design authors

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