A device for scanning and recognizing the retina and iris

25. 06. 2014

The device enables the scanning of two characteristics of the human eye – the iris and retina. The principle of the device lies in combining optics, camera systems and a special handling element inside the device which enables the overall scanning of both characteristics using one compact device.

Description of the technology

This device has two applications:

Biometrics (identity verification)
The system is used to scan the iris and retina and takes the form of a small compact device which can be used in areas with restricted access (nuclear power plants, ammunition dumps, banks etc.) Thanks to scanning both characteristics of the human eye, there is a greater chance of successfully recognizing an (un)authorized user. The device also contains a failsafe element which protects the device against potential imposture by detecting whether the eye is living, e.g. according to the hipp, yellow spot or pupil reaction to illumination etc.

The compact device enables iridal and retinal images to be taken at high resolution, which makes the device utilizable for medical purposes and in ophthalmology. Due to its compactness, the device can be easily placed on a desk, and in addition other functions such as measuring intraocular pressure can be integrated in the device. The device may also comprise software based on a specialist system that would help a medical practitioner determine a diagnosis and recognize an eye disorder. The application also includes an option to teach the specialist system new diseases, so that they are recognized automatically in future examinations. Patient data acquired using the device can be archived for further monitoring the course of a disease.

Main advantages

  • Option to scan both the iris and retina using one device, both for biometric and medical purposes
  • Small and compact size
  • Increased biometric entropy through scanning two characteristics of human eye
  • Reliable results and protection of the device against imposture
  • Improvement in medical diagnosis in ophthalmology using supporting specialist software with the prediction of pathological findings
  • The device does not require any complicated (medical) type of operation, it can therefore also be placed outside surgeries, while still maintaining a constant quality of image

Protection of intellectual property

  • Registered utility model (link)
  • Czech patent application has been filed
  • International patent application has been filed

Offer of collaboration

We are offering an exclusive or non-exclusive licence, for those regions where the technology is protected, to a company which will ensure the application of the device in medicine or in the biometrics market.

Demonstration of technology

You can see more about this technology in the following video.


Ing. Lukáš Novák, Technology Transfer Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +420 541 144 227

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