Kombinovaný olejo-plynový hořák

Combined oil-gas burner

The invention is a unique burner for effectively and simultaneously combusting liquid and gaseous fuels, where the quality of the combusted fuels simultaneously fluctuates.

Description of the technology

The combined oil-gas burner is a burner with a forced supply of combusting air or natural suction. The burner has been designed for combusting gaseous and liquid non-standardized fuels, particularly gaseous fuels with a low fuel value (min. 15 kJ/mN3) and liquid bio-fuels and liquid wastes which are by-products of bio-fuel production (fuel value approx. 40 kJ/kg). There has been substantial demand for such fuels recently due to increasing prices of conventional fuels. The burner has been designed for use in process furnaces and incinerators. The burner offers a unique opportunity to combust non-standard fuels (e.g. low-heating gas, FAME, glycerine) and it is also suitable for process furnaces and burn-out chambers. The burner enables the combined operation of gaseous and liquid fuels. The gaseous burner is the Low NOx type with the gradual supply of fuel. Liquid fuel is sprayed by pressure. The flame is ignited and controlled using a stabilization injector burner with 18 kW output. The burner can be alternatively ignited and controlled using an ignition and control electrode.

Main advantages

  • Output 500 kW
  • Capacity to combust non-conventional fuels
  • Combined operation

Protection of intellectual property

  • Two utility models registered (here and here)
  • Application for a Czech patent has been filed 
  • Application of a European patent has been filed 

Offer of collaboration

We are offering an exclusive or non-exclusive licence for regions where the technology is protected, and we expect the above-mentioned equipment to be applied in the market. The ideal partners are: manufacturers of units for the combustion of non-standard fuels, processors of pyrolysis products, small-scale production of steam etc.

Demonstration of technology

You can see more about this technology in the following video.


Ing. Tomáš Opravil, Ph.D., Technology Transfer Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +420 541 149 423

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