Department of Telecommunications

The department is focused on research into the numerical processing of signals, modern digital communication systems, the technology of ZigBee wireless sensory networks, and security algorithms for information systems.

The institute has excellent results in the field of the advanced technologies of integrated systems and has long-term experience with researching new technologies for the numerical processing of signals as well as designing and implementing them in digital signal processors (Motorola, Texas Instruments). The scientific-research activities of the department consist of diagnostics of telecommunication networks, data communication and the numerical processing of signals, including studio techniques. Research is also conducted in the fields of transmission and processing in telecommunication terminal units.

We offer the following:

  • Research and development in the field of communication protocols for wireless sensory networks.
  • Designing energy-efficient algorithms for the localization, multi-phase transition and multi-cast transition and collection of data. Use of hierarchical aggregation algorithms for data collection
  • Testing and analysis of communication processes and energy consumption in a 2.4GHz experimental wireless sensory network
  • Research into advanced simulation models for extensive sensory networks
  • Implementing algorithms in processors of the Atmel AVR series
  • Designing communication protocols and developing SW applications for crisis management in cities and villages (monitoring environmental pollution and snow-burden on roofs), water-management activities (monitoring the quality and flow of water), monitoring patient flow in healthcare
  • Researching and designing systems in the field of IT safety, error-proof security systems
  • Research and development in the sphere of new technologies for information and communication systems and services. Ensuring QoS, the analysis and optimization of the current communication networks
  • Detailed analysis of the behaviour of network services in various network technologies and under different operational conditions
  • Advanced modelling of both application and control protocols for data networks
  • Designing videoconference systems
  • Designing and realization of electronic equipment in the field of communication, sensory and measuring systems
  • Designing and realization of applications for digitally processing sound and images
  • Research into and development of systems for automatic speaker recognition
  • Research into systems for recognizing emotions based on sound and image analysis
  • Research into and development of technologies for the multichannel processing of acoustic signals in real time
  • Research into and development of algorithms for numerical processing and the analysis of acoustic signals

Special instrumentation:

  • IRIS 2.4 GHz (CrossBow Inc.) wireless communication units
  • MDA100CB sensors for measuring of temperature and humidity
  • MTS300CB microphone sensors
  • MTS420CC external sensors with GPS receivers
  • Sensory system eKo Pro Series (communication units IEEE 802.15.4 with a range up to 500 m)
  • Analyser of wireless sensory networks for IEEE 802.15.4,
  • Zigbee - Daintree Sensor Network Analyser Pro + Sensor Network Adapter, HP monitoring unit
  • HSM server with certification authority for the infrastructure of public keys and HW accelerator of cryptographic operations meeting the requirements of the FIPS 140-2, 3 standard, HW system with cryptic transmission
  • A kit of security tools for guarding property and eliminating tapping
  • A system for generating interference and analysing data transfers
  • Experimental mobile network GSM, PMN – mobile experimental network GSM/GPRS
  • Videoconference system VCON, Cisco, Siemens and Asterisk VoIP systems
  • Analysers of Puma, WinPharaoh and SunLite signalling systems
  • LM98 selective level meter
  • SG98 level transmitter
  • Universal Test System FTB-400
  • Hewlett Packard 8146A Optical Time Reflectometer
  • Siecor X 75-4 optical welder
  • FVA 60B measuring optical attenuator
  • LM1 Optical Power Meter
  • Technology for the laboratory production of printed circuit boards (LPKF, Bungard)
  • Technology for fitting SMD
  • An acoustic anechoic chamber for research into multimedia technologies and algorithms
  • Loudspeaker set Genelec in configuration 6.1 according to ITU-R BS 775 with THX certificate
  • Measuring microphones for 3D scanning of an acoustic field
  • HP 54820A double-channel oscilloscope, Agilent 4395A, HP 3589A and HP 35665A quality circuit analysers


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