Department of Information Systems

We focus on database technology, design and implementation of information systems, management (not only) software projects, theory of formal languages, automata and compiler, process management and project management and market research in the field of information products. We have experience with the technology used in e-learning. We offer development tools compilers or architectural modeling.

Unique know-how of the given research unit:

  • Software “Czech Snowball Stemmer”
  • Software “Native XML Database”
  • Software “Real-Time Indexing”
  • Software “K-Nearest Neighbor Based Classifier
  • Software “PicoBlaze C Compiler”
  • Software “Tool for Technical Changes Risks Management”
  • Software “Trajectory classification framework”
  • Software “Video and Feature processing”
  • Software “WebVector”
  • Software “Lissom tools for simulation of Application
  • Specific „Instruction-set Processors”
  • Directive “Risk assessment methodology of technical modifications”
  • Software “jStyleParser Library”
  • Software “JWordDB”

Thematic focus of the research unit / research team (research interests):

  • Architecture descriptive languages – generation of microprocessor models, their functional simulation, development/automatic derivation of development tools
  • Object-oriented modeling, object-oriented databases, database design
  • Data mining & knowledge discovery
  • Formal specifications of reactive and real-time systems
  • Computer networks and communication protocols
  • Information systems
  • Software metrics and software project management
  • Cryptographic protocols and security mechanisms
  • Formal languages and automata
  • Functional languages
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