Security Technology Research and Development

Research group STRaDe (Security Technology Research and Development) is part of the Department of Intelligent Systems at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Brno University of Technology. The main goal of STRaDe is research and development of security technologies and that is both – hardware and software.

The security technologies include vast amount of applications and devices. One large scope, at which we aim, is biometry. Nowadays, we cover practically all of available up-to-date technologies and metrics, e.g. fingerprint scanning and recognition, liveness detection, face detection, veins detection etc. Sensor systems and their applications (e.g. in robotics, which is itself part of the group interests) are second important part of our research. In the relation to the robotics and biometry we aim at research of complex intelligent systems. Another scope of our research is digital video processing and hardware implementation of the video processing algorithms. Such implementations are parts of computer vision systems and applications including military systems. The research group consists of 2 senior researchers and 16 junior researchers.

Unique know-how of the given research unit:

  • International patent No. WO/2010/009683: “A method of biometric identification of persons according to the hand and device for biometric identification of persons according to the hand.”
  • International patent No. WO/2007/036370: “Method and Apparatus for Detecting Biometric Features”
  • Utility model No. 19364: “Liveness Detection on Fingers by Causation of Optical Changes”
  • Industrial model: „Design of Mini-Sumo Robot”
  • Specimen: “Sensor Data Acquisition Unit for UAV (SEDAQ)”
  • Prototype: “ISTA – image stabilization”
  • Software: “Algorithmic and mathematical principles of automatic number plate recognition systems”
  • Legislation for the Czech National Security Authority: “Fingerprint Quality Testing”

Research topics:

  • Biometric security systems
  • Security
  • Robotics
  • Intelligent systems
  • Wireless networks
  • Embedded applications
  • Military application

Key research equipment:

Among the key equipment belong various fingerprint readers (sensors) using various technologies and many other biometric devices e.g. for iris recognition, 3D face, hand geometry, veins, or handwriting. There are many other devices in our laboratory covering all research topics we aim at such as:

  • Thermo camera FLIR ThemaCAM E300
  • Non-mydriatic fundus camera CANON CR-1
  • Oscilloscope Tektronix DPO7254
  • Various software and hardware development kits
  • Signal Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz FSQ8
  • Motorised research microscope Olympus BX61
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