Institute of Building Structures

We are engaged in the comprehensive building design and diagnostics.

Our research and development activities are focused on construction physics, in particular heating technology, acoustics and daylight illumination and the rehabilitation of damp structures. As part of their supplementary activities, staff at Institute are engaged in the drawing up all stages of design documentation. Expert activities centre on assessing the construction of building works and evaluating parameters of the internal environment when buildings are in use.
Other activities focus on nondestructive diagnostics of thermo-insulating cladding using the method of infrared thermography, as well as designing energy-saving measures. The institute also specializes in the rehabilitation of building structures.

We offer the following:

  • Building advice and checking building projects
  • Inspecting building structures and the thermal-insulation of the cladding using the method of infrared thermography
  • Proposals for measures to enhance the energy performance of building structures
  • Evaluating the energy performance of building structures, including evaluation of building details from the thermal and technical point of view.
  • Checking that internal spaces are correctly used by the long-term monitoring of internal microclimate parameters
  • Plans at every necessary stage of documentation
  • Drawing up urban solutions to a particular location of interest
  • Acquisition of building permit
  • Interior design
  • Advisory activities in designing specific sites
  • Measuring moisture in a building, determination of causes and proposal for the appropriate method of eliminating it
  • Determining the method of eliminating mould, or we can remove it ourselves using effective and modern methods
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the noise situation by survey, expert measurement or using the required probes
  • Designing acoustic measures and recommending the means by which they should be implemented
  • Thermal-technical and physical measurement of material properties
  • Training in graphics software and software for construction physics


  • Thermographic camera FLIR B 360 and thermographic camera THERMACAM FLIR PM 695
  • Almemo measurement DAQ devices with accessories for temperature and moisture measuring in situ
  • All-directional source of sound, source of impact noise
  • Sound-level meters, pyranometers, luminance meters
  • Total stations, levelling instrument
  • Microwave drier, hygrometer


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