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The NETME Centre (New Technologies for Mechanical Engineering) is one of the research centres in Brno VUT. It is a regional R&D centre based on the scientific research knowledge base of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VUT in Brno. It was established in 2010 and put into full operation in 2014. NETME Centre is an exceptional pool of scientific, research, and development resources in the area of research and development of new advanced engineering technologies and products overlapping in related areas. In terms of the number of applied cooperative projects with various sectors and a focus on practical applications of its outcomes, NETME Centre is now a leading engineering centre in the Czech Republic.

The research and development activities of the NETME Centre are divided into 5 divisions:

  1. Energy, process, and environment division
  2. Aviation and automotive division
  3. Mechatronics division
  4. Virtual design and testing division
  5. Progressive metals division

Since the beginning, the NETME Centre has been conceived as an R&D centre with a strong focus on supporting the competitiveness of the Czech machinery industry. The research and the technology transfer are the key activities and sources of finance in compliance with the long-term centre strategy. The NETME strategic objective is to ensure long-term sustainability through the development of its basic functions, such as enhancing applied research and development or enhancing cooperation with the industrial base. Recent NETMA Centre outcomes have shown that these long-term strategy goals are being successfully achieved.

Cooperation with the traditional regional industrial base as well as a number of international cooperation activities in the area of applied and contract research put the NETME Centre in the leading position of the engineering centres in the Czech Republic. In 2015 to 2017, the overall financed gained from contract research finances reached approximately CZK 125.7 million, which was an excellent result in absolute terms of the Czech Republic. Projects of cooperation with industry include leading foreign and domestic companies, such as Evektor, Koyo Bearings Czech Republic, Škoda Auto, TOS Varnsdorf, Honeywell, Volkswagen, AeroSekur, Spirax Sarco, Siemens, and others. As an example of a prestigious cooperative project with foreign partners, the EUREKA – E10531 Flexible Capillary Heat Exchangers (FLEXIHEAT) 7D16008, 600329 developed in connection with P.A.K. Engineering Ltd, United Kingdom, is a particular highlight.

NETME Centre achieves excellent research results every year. In 2016, 16 patents were issued and 4 utility models were developed. In 2017, 3 patents were issued and 3 utility models were developed. In 2014, 38 Z, F, G, H or R-type outcomes were achieved, along with 23 in 2015 and 21 in 2016. In 2017, 10 functional samples, 6 prototypes, 3 software results and 1 certified methodology were developed.

The Centre also has high publishing activity; in 2017 alone, there were 78 impactful articles published by individuals connected with NETME. From 2014 to 2017, over 900 results were achieved in total within publication activities (Jimp, Jneimp, Jrec, B, C, D).

In 2017, NETME Centre also executed 29 TACR projects within the applied research area. Numerous projects are running in cooperation with the industry base, which meets one of the fundamental objectives and tasks of the NETME Centre.


Visit http://netme.cz/cs/ for more detailed information on the NETME Centre and contact information if you are interested in collaborating with the Centre.

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