Institute of Material Sciences and Engineering

The activities of our Institute in application sphere are closely interconnected with the Division of Advanced Metallic Materials of the NETME Centre.

The activities of the Institute of Material Science and Engineering (Department of Metallic Materials, Department of Ceramics and Polymers, Department of Structure and Phase Analyses and Department of Mechanics and Design of Materials) encompass these key topics:

  • Perspective technologies in the area of nanomaterials;
  • Surface modification of metallic materials;
  • Technological and property-related questions about aluminum alloys, advanced Mg-Li alloys and Ti-Al and NiAl intermetallic alloys;
  • Chemical composition and property optimization of selected nickel-based
  • alloys for the aviation industry;
  • Selected questions in preparation, property and application of ceramic and composite materials;
  • Optimization in selection of engineering materials and their welding for dynamically loaded structures;
  • Selected questions in material/technological properties of ductile cast irons, etc.

We offer the following:

  • Collaboration in scientific research and development in the above mentioned areas including technology development in laboratory as well as industrial scale;
  • Collaboration in projects utilizing either the experimental equipment of the Institute and erudition of our academic workers, or the opportunity of scientific research of complex concept with close relation to the industrial partners and research institutions abroad;
  • Material analyses and phase analyses and calculations, alloy microstructure optimization, heat treatment optimization;
  • Failure analyses, damage investigation, fractographic analyses, materials’ service degradation analyses;
  • Courses and seminars in selected areas – technology, structure analysis, mechanical properties, etc.


  • Scanning electron microscopes FEG SEM ZEISS Ultra Plus, SEM PHILIPS including EDS, WDS, EBSD
  • Light microscopes Olympus including
  • Image analysis systems
  • X-ray diffractometers Philips X’pert and Siemens D500
  • Glow discharge optical emission spectrometer SPECTRUMAT GDS750
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer THERMO SOLAR
  • Hardness testers LECO
  • Electronic tensile testing machines ZWICK for tests at -70 to 1000 °C
  • Servo-hydraulic testing system INSTRON
  • High frequency pulsator AMSLER
  • Pendulum impact testing machines HECKERT and MFL
  • Ultrasound defectoscopy system OLYMPUS
  • Laser particle size analyzer HORIBA
  • Ultrasound reactor SONIC
  • Injection press ARBURG
  • Isostatic press ABB Autoclave and Abra Sinter AG
  • High temperature dilatometer LINSEIS
  • Corrosion chamber ANGELANTONI
  • Electron beam facility – welding, surface treatment and alloying
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