Materials Research Centre: Nanobiotechnology

Our aim is the research and development in fields of biomaterials, delivery systems and electronics and photonics.

Materials Research Centre offers the coopeation in fields of applied physical chemistry and biochemistry. We focus on investigation of biocolloidal systems for utilization in medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and for understanding and protection of the environment. We solve problems of biotechnological production, analysis, characterization and application of various biomolecules and biomaterials and we aim at development of delivery systems for selected biologically active substances. Furthermore, we develop new materials, construct devices, e.g. organic solar cells, and characterize their performance.

What do we offer? 

  • Complex characterization of colloids and biomaterials
  • Research and development of delivery systems for active species for applications in medicine and cosmetics
  • Research and development of biopolymeric materials for regenerative medicine
  • Research and development of hydrogels for pharmaceutics, cosmetics and environmental applications
  • Characterization of optical parameters of materials (e.g. absorption, transparency, refractive index, fluorescence, pulse response)
  • Determination of chemical and electrochemical parameters of materials (conductivity, impedance analysis, dielectric properties, charge transfer)
  • Measurement of thermal properties and stability of materials
  • Measurement of flow behavior of colloidal systems
  • Analysis of vitamins, vitamers and antioxidants in various matrices
  • Characterization of transport in various systems (determination of diffusion coefficients and permeabilities)
  • Testing of genotoxicity/antimutagenity of wide range of substances and materials
  • Taxonomic identification of yeasts and fungal strains by using various electrophoretic methods.
  • Purification and characterization of proteins
  • Consulting in the area of organic electronics and photonics
  • New functional materials development and modification
  • Preparation and characterization of organic semiconductors and thin films
  • Technologies for deposition of multilayered organic structures (cleanroom, gloveboxes, printing and spreying technologies, electrophoretic deposition, microdispersion printing, vacuum evaporation)
  • Aplication of materials in the area of organic electronics and photonics (organic solar cells, electroluminescence diodes and displays, etc.)

Our equipment:

  • Spectrophotometers with wide range of accessories (UV-Vis, FT-IR, optical fiber probes)
  • ZetaSizer analyzer for determination of Zeta potential and particle size distribution
  • Centrifugal dispersion analyzer LUMiSizer
  • Unique fluorescence spectrometers (steady-state, time-resolved, fiber probes, accessories for determination of absolute quantum yields)
  • High resolution ultrasound spectrometers
  • Thermal analysis and calorimetry facilities (DSC, TGA, modular microcalorimeter)
  • Facilities for determination of basic material characteristics (rheometer, viscosimeter, densitometer, tensiometers)
  • Laboratory equipment for determination of diffusion coefficients in liquids, semi-solid materials (gels) and for permeability tests on membranes
  • High pressure liquid chromatography with mass detector
  • ELISA reader, nanophotometr
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer, freeze-dryers
  • Flow cytometer
  • Laboratory fermenter
  • Solar simulator class AAA according ASTM 927-91and IEC 904-9 standards for complex solar cells characterization
  • Elipsometer for thin films optical profile mapping
  • Equipment for comprehensive characterization of optical properties (luminescence and other optical effects and parameters with nanosecond resolution)
  • Equipment for complex electric and dielectric characterization (conductivity, surface resistivity, impedance, photovoltaics, electroluminescence, etc.)
  • CLEAN ROOM: dust free facility, isolators, gloveboxes with innert protective atmosphere


  • Contipro Biotech s.r.o.Nanomedic a.s.
  • Amagro s.r.o.
  • Centre for Organic Chemistry Ltd.
  • VUOS a.s.
  • FIAT Research Centre
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