Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology

Our key areas of research are food analysis using instrumental methods, genetic engineering, biotechnological and microbiological applications, and the inspection and sensory analysis of food. We are offering cooperation in the sphere of food analysis and biotechnologies.

Food analysis:

The following instrumentation can be used for the instrumental analysis of food and raw materials for food:

  • Gas chromatography – analyses of volatile substances (in particular analyses of fatty acids and some fragrant, aromatic ingredients)
  • Liquid chromatography – analyses of thermolabile substances, e.g. vitamins, food additives etc.
  • Capillary electrophoresis – analyses of ionic compounds, e.g. content of ions in the mineral water of ionic drinks, content of amino acids in food supplements for athletes etc.
  • Surface gel electrophoresis – analyses of proteins
  • Elemental analysis – element composition of any food matrix

Consulting for food producers:

  • Nutrition and nutraceutics
  • Sensory analysis of food


Our offer of various cooperation options in the field of biotechnologies

Professional consultancy in the sphere of biotechnological process control in the: 

  • Removal of fats from waste water on the basis of lipolytic microorganisms
  • Production of biogas, monitoring the enzyme profile in biomass over the course of fermentation

Monitoring microorganisms using PCR in food products and food supplements:

  • Identification of the probiotic cultures that are present, proof of viable probiotic cultures in food
  • Identifying yeasts and bacteria in the production of organic wine

Options for cultivation in a fermentor (with a max. volume of two litres):

  • Preparation of biomass, primary and secondary metabolites.
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