Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry

The institute is primarily engaged in issues concerning the physical chemistry of colloid and macromolecular systems, photochemistry, plasma chemistry and physics and computer applications in chemistry, as well as chemical technology and physics.

We offer the following:

  • Characterization of fluorescent and phosphorescent materials and their potential applications
  • Calibration and profiling of imaging devices and printers
  • Photometric measurements
  • Evaluation of photostability
  • Evaluating the quality of imaging sets
  • Measuring viscosity and rheological properties
  • Measuring the specific gravity of liquids
  • Measuring the surface and inter-phase tension of liquids
  • Measuring and interpretation of fluorescent, infrared and ultraviolet spectra as well as well as visible spectra
  • Deposition of thin layers and metal-plating using vacuum steaming
  • Testing gas sensors and the sensory characteristics of materials
  • Measuring the heat parameters of materials
  • Thermal analysis, particularly of solid and/or liquid samples
  • Determining the diffusion coefficients in soft solid substances (gels) and during transport through membranes
  • Characterizing the optical parameters of materials – absorption, transparency, refraction index, fluorescence, impulse responses, etc.
  • Characterizing the electrical parameters of materials – conductivity, impedance analysis, dielectric properties, charge transport, etc.
  • Application of organic semi-conductors in electronics, photovoltaics and optics.


  • Spectrometry UV/VIS, IR, fluorescence
  • Ultrasonic spectral colorimeter
  • Device for accelerated photo- and thermal ageing
  • Rheometer and viscometer
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, TG)
  • Tensiometry
  • NdYAG pulse laser EKSPLA
  • Thermographic camera
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