Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology

The department focuses on electro-technical materials, manufacturing processes (including computer support), printed circuits and surface assembly, diagnostics, reliability and quality assurance.

Educational activities are backed by intensive science-research activity, which is supported by cooperation with various institutions of the Czech Republic Academy of Science and private sector.

We offer the following:

  • Analyses in the field of electromagnetism, gas flow and heat transfer using the finite element and finite volume methods
  • Training and consulting in systems: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Cosmos, PDM (Corporate data management and administration)
  • Diagnostics of solar cell defects
  • Diagnostics of photovoltaic panel properties
  • Analysis of photovoltaic systems
  • Electrochemical analyses, measuring, research and development of electrolytes, electrode materials, laboratory electrolysers and fuel cells; thin layer deposition
  • Testing photovoltaic systems for RAPS applications (photovoltaic module systems together with battery)
  • Testing and measuring secondary sources of electrical energy, in particular lead accumulators
  • Capacity and long-term service life testing of lead/alkali accumulators, analysis of the causes of accumulator end of lifetime, potential measurements, measuring internal pressure
  • Measuring the components of complex permittivity, loss factor of solid and liquid dielectrics
  • Measuring absorption and resorption flows
  • Monitoring the effects of operational and climatic factors on material properties (temperature, voltage, relative humidity, UV radiation)
  • Determining the electric strength of insulating materials
  • Degradation tests of electro-insulating materials (thermal, electric, combined)
  • Measuring the viscosity of liquid materials in relation to temperature

Special instrumentation:

  • Equipment for diagnostics of photovoltaic cells using the LBIC, LBIV method
  • Equipment for diagnostics of photovoltaic cells using detection of electroluminescence, photoluminescence and microplasma radiation
  • WUHAN EasIR 9 thermographic camera
  • BioLogic/Ecochemie potentiostats and galvanostats; glove-box, vacuum oven; tube furnace; sterilizer; driers; plating batch; deposition of thin layers; laboratory press; spectrophotometer; special electrode systems for measuring fuel cells and masses for electrochemical sources of current.
  • Agilent modular control of accumulator modes (charging/discharging/standstill)
  • Agilent 4284, 4285, E4980 LCR meters
  • Agilent 4339B megaohmeter
  • Keithley 6517A, 617, 610C electrometers
  • Tettex measuring system of impedances
  • Electrode systems for solid and liquid materials made by Tettex, Agilent, Keithley
  • Vibration viscosimeter - A&D SV-10, Hoppler KF3.2
  • Climacell climatic chamber, Stericell temperature chambers, LAC muffle furnace, circulation thermostats
  • High-voltage sources


  • Bochemie Bohumín
  • Graphit Krophmuehl AG
  • Elmarko Liberec
  • Solartec
  • Honeywell Brno
  • BKR ČR – VELUX Vyškov
  • ALPS ELECTRIC Sebranice
  • GATEMA Boskovice
  • ČEMEBO Blansko
  • Crytur
  • SolidVision
  • Techsoft Engineering.


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