Institute of Social Sciences

We are engaged in the teaching of foreign languages, soft skills, building law and supplementary pedagogical studies.

We teach English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Czech for foreigners, with emphasis on communication skills. We teach social-science subjects with regard to the future professional specialization of students.
We pursue the active participation of social sciences in accordance with the contemporary trend to humanize the technical environment in order to achieve the ideal of comprehensive, all-round development for students and graduates of FAST.

We offer the following:

  • Education in general English up to the B2 level and other foreign languages up to the B1 level, according to the common European reference framework of languages
  • Education in writing technical English
  • Teaching English conversation in academic contexts, focused on attending international conferences, sessions and working meetings
  • Education in the social sciences – philosophy, psychology, sociology, rhetoric, ethics, historical sciences or technology, which is focused on the all-round development of technically educated people
  • Training in social communication, with emphasis on its use in everyday life and the corporate environment
  • Consultancy in the environmental studies and applying its theories in the technical environment
  • Consultancy in building law
  • Opportunities to acquire pedagogical qualifications for teaching secondary school in the form of supplementary pedagogical studies in the teaching of technical subjects
  • Study, career and psychological advisory and counselling service
  • Basic psychodiagnostics in resolving stress and conflict situations
  • Emergency care during mental breakdown, with follow-up care in cooperation with other professional psychological departments


All classrooms are equipped with interconnected triple-combination: Smart Board + laptop + data projector

  • Education in classrooms through PowerPoint presentations continues in the time-unlimited approach to teaching, studying, practising and testing activities via online courses in the Moodle education system
  • For professional personality analysis – psychological, sociological, rhetorical, an analysis of communication styles, etc. we use digital media (camera, videocamera etc.), including modern psychological tests.


  • Katedra humanitných vied Stavebná fakulta STU Bratislava
  • Katedra psychologie Fakulty sociálních studií MU Brno
  • Katedra psychologie Pedagogické fakulty MU Brno
  • Katedra environmentálních studií Fakulty sociálních studií
  • MU Brno
  • SPŠ stavební Kudelova Brno


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