Institute of Technology, Mechanization and Construction Management

The realization of building projects is not only a matter of an architectural and construction design with static calculation.

From the very beginning of a project there is another question needing to be resolved simultaneously: how is the construction work going to be realized? We need to sort out not only what is to be done but how it can be best carried out in the respective space and time in order to achieve optimal results for the final construction.

We are engaged in the technologies of building processes and in their innovation, in analysing the causes of the failures and defects of building structures and options for resolving them, in new ways of managing building production and their influence on the preparation and realization of buildings.

We offer the following:

  • Technical supervision or investors during the realization of buildings
  • Advice in drawing up a construction-technological project, including assessments of time, qualitative and financial requirements, drawing up bills of quantities
  • Advisory activities and cooperation in processing bids and their evaluation
  • Advisory activities and cooperation in providing site permits and building permits
  • Drawing up technical and expert opinions by authorized engineers in the fields of building works and testing and diagnostics
  • Advisory and consultancy activities in identifying defects and failures, including surveys of building objects and proposals for necessary remedial measures
  • Monitoring the state of the building environment and thermography
  • Scanning and imaging temperature courses in the detection of defects in building structures, searching for heat bridges, detecting undesirable heat or cool leakage
  • Measuring selected parameters using the institute’s instrumentation
  • Seminars and specialized training courses for using computer technology in planning and calculations in civil engineering (RTS - BuildPower, KrosPlus, Callida3, ASPE9, Contec, MS Project, FIRST-RSVII)
  • Training construction managers and foremen
  • Technical seminars as part of lifelong learning, including seminars accredited by ČKAIT


  • CONTEC – a programme for the preparation and management of constructions
  • FLUKE TI 55FT – 20 thermographic camera
  • Datalogger – Almemo 26908KS measuring DAQ device
  • Blower Door tester measuring of building leakage - XXX T 5000, model 4.1
  • Hygrometers - GHH 91 KK Greisinger, SMO 01, Doser DM4A
  • A Storch HPM 2000 set for moisture measuring with a depth probe
  • Electronic hygrometer and thermometer - Voltcraft HT 200
  • Digital hygrometer and thermometer - GMH 3350
  • Schmidt hammer - SADT HT 225A
  • Adhesion tester - DYNA Estrich (4.4 kN)
  • Videoendoscope
  • Scanner of beams, cavities, electrical conductors
  • Laser - Disto Lite, Hilti PD 10


  • SKANSKA, a.s.
  • UNISTAV, a.s.
  • Moravská stavební – INVEST, a.s.
  • ZLÍNSTAV, a.s.
  • ARCADIS Geotechnika, a.s.
  • Eurovia Brno, s.r.o.
  • Be – Tong, s.r.o.
  • QUANTUM, a.s.
  • S-A-S STAVBY spol. s r.o.
  • MěÚ Mikulov
  • KÚ JmK
  • Městský soud v Praze


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