Institute of Physics

Physics is the driving force behind all innovations and inventions. Knowledge based on physics is the key to success in almost all branches of science, engineering and technology.

Physics also has a lot of applications in a range of non-technical fields, such as biology, physiology and medicine. Our task is to ensure the mission of physics finds it practical expression. We prefer practical education, logical study and modern thinking. Our goal is to enrich each student with both abstract learning and applied knowledge which they will use in their further studies and future practice. In the field of science and research, we are deeply engaged in the area of the nondestructive testing of materials and structures. We provide the teaching of Physics in all fields of regular and combined study. In the science and research arena, we are engaged in projects focused on nondestructive methods in the civil engineering, material physics and electronics.

We offer the following:

  • Education in general and technical physics
  • Expert opinions and expertise in the field of technical physics
  • Physical and measuring methods in civil engineering
  • Computerization of measuring and computer-controlled experiments
  • Measuring the physicochemical properties of building materials and structures
  • Special vibro-acoustic measurements, both in the laboratory and in-situ
  • Nondestructive testing using an acoustic emission method
  • Nondestructive testing using nonlinear ultrasound spectroscopy
  • Nondestructive testing using an impedance spectroscopy method
  • Study of stochastic phenomena in semiconductors
  • Applications of semiconductors in interdisciplinary fields
  • Cooperation in implementing the science-research projects of external technical departments
  • Research into the magnetic and electromagnetic field as a part of building ecology
  • Monitoring and evaluating solar cells
  • Evaluation of materials using confocal microscopy


  • Laboratory for measuring impedance spectroscopy
  • Laboratory for measuring acoustic emissions
  • Laboratory for measuring nonlinear ultrasound spectroscopy
  • Laboratory for measuring using the impact echo method
  • Laboratory for measuring using the electromagnetic emission method
  • Laboratory for measuring electric and magnetic fields
  • Confocal microscope
  • Laboratory for measuring the electrical characteristics of solar cells


  • Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i, Brno
  • ŽPSV a.s., Uherský Ostroh


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