Institute of Geodesy

We transfer reality from the terrain to your computer.

Our activities encompass everything related to the collection of geometrical and stereometric data in the field, and their subsequent processing and interpretation. We are engaged in various fields of geodesy - from engineering geodesy through the real estate cadastre to photogrammetry, 3D modelling and forensic expertise.

We offer the following:

  • Geodetic work in construction:
    • Providing geodetic documentation for construction projects
    • Setting-out the construction network, setting-out the construction
    • Documenting the actual carrying out of the construction
    • Pre-construction surveys of constructions, historical buildings and underground sites
    • Measurement during static loading tests of building structures and construction elements (concrete, steel and wooden supporting systems, bridges, vaults etc.)
    • Measuring the shift and deformation of buildings and underground sites
  •  Real estate cadastre:
    • Evaluation of data from the real-estate cadastre, geometric plans, setting-out plot boundaries
  • Photogrammetry:
    • Evaluation of survey and non-survey photos
    • Calibration of survey and non-survey cameras
  • Other:
    • Digital cartography
    • Calibrating the phase centres of GPS antennas
    • Creating of 3D models of the terrain and working with models (calculation of volumes, creating profiles etc.)
    • Performing the function of officially authorized geodetic engineer
    • Authorized expert activities in the field of geodesy and cartography, engineering geodesy and photogrammetry


  • Dual-frequency receivers GNSS (GPS) for precise locating using satellites with an option of real-time operation (GNSS – RTK). Determination precision down to 1 cm. Application software enabling the calculation of the mutual positions of points to distances up to 1000 km.
  • Calibration base for calibration of GPS antennas.
  • Wide range of geodetic total stations, including instruments of the highest precision. Precision of length measuring 2 mm + 2 ppm, down to 1” for angles.
  • Electronic level instruments for technical, precise and ultra-precise levelling. Option to determine superlevelation with a precision of 0.03 mm up to 3 m of superlevelation to the max. distance of 50 m; otherwise 0.3 mm per kilometre of length of the levelling course.
  • Complete set of equipment for digital land photogrammetry, option to create precise 3D models of objects (buildings, terrain, models).
  • Special equipment for measuring the real shape of building objects and/or their shifts, deformations or vibrations.
  • Lacoste&Romberg gravimeter for determining the value of gravity acceleration with a precision of 1x10-7 m.s-2.
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