Ústav počítačové grafiky a multimédií

Výzkumná činnost ústavu se soustřeďuje zejména na obecné algoritmy počítačové grafiky a zobrazovací algoritmy, zpracování a rozpoznávání řečových signálů, animaci a zobrazování rozsáhlých scén, moderní metody interakce člověka s počítačem, zpracování obrazu a signálu, zpracování  medicínských dat a jejich vhodná interpretace.


The main research topics are:

  • Speech processing
  • Image and video processing
  • Medical imaging and physical 3D models
  • Natural language processing and knowledge representation
  • Dynamic models and control systems in aviation

Unique know-how of the given research unit:

  • Specimen – Holographic display
  • Invention, utility model – “The Method of data distribution
  • through a loop and a block of the loop for execution of this method“ (PV 2010-256)
  • Invention – Equipment for detection and classification of an image
  • Invention – Equipment for image re-sampling

Developed software:

  • KiWi Information Extraction Service
  • System for presentation of lectures including speech recognition  http://superlectures.com
  • Automatic SVM creator in SGE environment
  • Automatic Video Editing Software
  • Camera Localization using RANSAC
  • CUDA Nonnegative Tensor Factorization Library
  • CUDA PCA Matlab Library
  • Generator of Algebraic Expressions for Classification
  • Graph isomorphism detector
  • MediaDiff, software
  • Mesh Smoothing Tools

Brief characteristics of the research unit:

Research activities of the department are mainly focused on general computer graphics algorithms, rendering, processing and recognition of speech signals, animation in three-dimensional space, modern methods of interaction in three-dimensional space, image processing, and applications. To our partners we can for example offer:Speech recognition (detection of key words, speakers, language etc.)

  • Image and video interpretation (detection of objects and persons)
  • Medical data analysis and 3D models development
  • Modeling and simulation of aircraft dynamics
  • Natural language analysis and semantic interpretation, inference of
  • Internet knowledge

Key research equipment:

  • Massive computing environment: more than 500 CPUs including 3 IBM-Blade centers, all running Linux, file servers with total capacity of more than 20 TeraBytes, speech, language, video and image databases
  • 3D scanner Minolta VIVID 800
  • Graphic accelerator board CAMEA DX6 with DSP TI C6711 and FPGA Virtex E-300
  • Recording equipment with HDTV video-camera, hyperbolic mirror (for 360° view)
  • „Stereo“ video-projector with 2 large-area LCD displays
  • Rapid prototyping equipment including (3D printer) Z310 from Z-corporation for 3D modeling of human tissues using data from medical diagnostic devices like CT (computer tomography) or MR (magnetic resonation)
  • Prototype device for 3D technology of digital print
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