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Toto nové řešení se týká dynamické alokace a využití radiofrekvenčního spektra elektromagnetických vln pro kognitivní systém přenosu dat silně rušených prostor impulsními zdroji rušení a uspořádání pomocného systému k jeho provádění.

At present, solidification towers are cleaned in several ways (mechanically, chemically, or a combination of the two), which bring a range of safety risks that must be safeguarded by strict hygiene and environmental standards. These disadvantages can be resolved using an invention developed in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies.

This set of thermo-accumulation modules is able to efficiently stabilize, at low operational costs, the thermal micro-climate in buildings. The system facilitates the passive cooling of a room in summer, and can be used in the low-temperature heating of rooms in winter.

The invention is a unique burner for effectively and simultaneously combusting liquid and gaseous fuels, where the quality of the combusted fuels simultaneously fluctuates.

The quality and reliability of the electricity supply is greatly affected by breakdowns in electrical power networks, which must be promptly located and removed as soon as possible. In the case of single-pole breakdowns (connection of one phase and the ground) in ineffectively earthed systems, a ground connection occurs. This breakdown is extremely difficult to localize, which means it takes longer to remedy. We are offering a device which can quickly and precisely find this connection.

The invention relates to a device used for treating the surface of glass specimens before being bonded with chips (ceramic, glass or plastic) which are intended for testing and cleaning of flux.