Current technology offer

Traffic shaper is a device that by inserting the path allows regulating network traffic based on administrator-defined parameters. A prototype developed by CVIS BUT employees allows network traffic division into individual classes on which the parameters of network traffic can be further applied.

Provided solution is suitable for microcopy based on the atomic force technique (AFM). This kind of microscopy (AFM) is highly sensitive to mechanical vibration. Our solution refers to innovation of the design between the measuring head and the sample in order to reduce the vibration level, which is transmitted to the measuring probe.

Konstrukce statického zajištění obloukové klenby je schopna pomocí patentově chráněného prostorového uspořádání předpínací výztuže zvýšit zatížitelnost klenbových pásů. Lze ji použít pro betonové i zděné klenby, především pro opravy památkově chráněných konstrukcí, u nichž je potřeba zachovat původní „vizáž“.

Light microscope is designed for imaging of translucent objects capable of emitting luminescence radiation. The microscope allows to study simultaneously the function and structure of living microobjects such as plant and animal cells and microorganisms as well as their reaction to environmental changes. It can also be used for imaging of technical microobjects.

The special camera system is used for quality control of extruded (mainly polymeric) fibers. These fibers can have full profile or they can be hollow. The diameter and cylidricity of the fiber can be predicts by compositing of the views and their evaluation. It is possible to identify various shaped defects using this method.

This valve in combination with the controller solve the issue of low frequency closing valves in magnetorheological circuits. It is suitable for using in the automotive industry as well as for the vibration damping of various machines and engines.