This newly-designed wood carrier, with manual control, is a small mechanized device used for small-volume timber harvesting. The carrier works in hard-to-access terrain – it is characterized by a good ability to operate on slopes and to overcome obstacles.

The ADVEE presentation robot is an effective advertising medium, which thanks to pre-set modules communicates with customers in an interactive way. The robot can decide by itself, speak to customers and distinguish their faces.

In a lubricating system with one lubricant reservoir and multiple surfaces to lubricate it is difficult to distribute the oil evenly to all surfaces being lubricated. A new solution has been developed by Prof. Nevrlý at the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Brno University of Technology. The design is based on a cascade separation system with control elements.

Are you trying to solve the problem of robotic grip on variously shaped items with flat surfaces? When we want to move items that only have one shape, the solution is easy – a robotic gripper is used that best grips the particular item. However, what do you do if the shape of such items changes? The answer is an intelligent robotic suction gripper made by the Division of Mechatronics at BUT.

Heat engines operating on the principle of Joule-Brayton circulation are used particularly in aviation (turbojet engines) and power engineering (turbine engines) to drive electrical energy generators. Cooperation between BUT scientists and TnUAD, along with experts from PBS Velká Bíteš, has resulted in the discovery of a technical solution which will contribute to increasing engine output and service life.

Today, at a time full of camera systems and other electronics, distribution boxes with electronics are abundant in city streets. Electronic components, including high-performance processors placed on a mainboard base, produce heat which has to be dissipated; otherwise, these electronics could suffer damage.