The float is designed for movement in water. With rounded dynamic edges and made of a lightweight material, everything respects the basic requirements for this type of product. A smart design feature is the deepening of the float centre at the point of the swimmer’s body position.

A research team under the supervision of automation expert Prof.Ing. Zdeněk Kolíbal, CSc., working at the BUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, has developed a device for automatically replacing tools in CNC cutter machines. 

This orthotic-prosthetic device was developed as a result of the doctoral thesis of Ing. Olga Minaříková, Ph.D. in cooperation with Ing. Daniel Koutný, Ph.D. Ing. Olga Minaříková, Ph.D. stated that for her as a designer the “primary objective was to design an object of daily use which would be loved by its user for its utility and appearance, the user would not be ashamed of it, nor would it be a nuisance for him or her to use, and that it would help the user to overcome a life-changing problem.” This unique design is industrially protected.

Imagine the following situation: on one side there is a company which needs constant innovation of its technology to stay ahead of its competitors and on the other side there is a scientific team at BUT which has available bags of knowledge and a unique range of tools.

Ing. Petr Kotrbáček, Ph.D. and Ing. Michal Pohanka, Ph.D. of the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, BUT, have developed a special device for adjusting the jets of cooling systems, especially those in metallurgy, which ensure the required temperature regime of the cylinder surface.

Are you asking yourself what a mobile inertial measuring unit is? It is an independent measuring unit with data recording for determining the dynamic parameters of a vehicle, including software for transferring data from the device.