Researchers from the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology have developed special temperature sensors embedded in a linear measuring device. 

The condition of shock absorbers in a car is important for driving safety. The service life of shock absorbers is limited and they require regular check-ups. One option for testing shock absorbers is to disassemble and test them away from the vehicle. This is a very costly option.

Different kinds of waste can be classified from a variety of viewpoints. According to legislation, waste is either classified as hazardous or non-hazardous, according to its state it is a solid or liquid, and according to origin it is regarded as excavation waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste or municipal waste. Waste from production, especially from mechanical engineering, is a special kind of waste. 

Who hasn’t experienced arriving at a favourite swimming resort, pond or lake and finding there a stinking greeny-yellow liquid? On beautiful summer days we often hear media reports warning against bathing in this or that reservoir due to the occurrence of cyanobacteria. Researchers at the Brno University of Technology have developed an original, environmentally friendly method for eliminating undesirable cyanobacteria and applied it at the Brno Reservoir.

Sunshine is used in many ways, e.g. for heating buildings or water. This is made possible by solar collectors, equipment that absorbs solar radiation and transforms it into heat. A solar collector functions on the principle of collecting heat under a glass (i.e. transparent) cover in an absorber which is then heated and transfers heat to the heat-carrying medium (water, air, oil etc.).

A pacemaker is a medical device used for regulating the heartbeat. The principle of stimulation is rhythmical irritation of the heart with electrical impulses, carried to the heart from a pacemaker (external source) using an active electrode.