Theimplicity of the avant-garde art movement, purity of style and the practicality of Scandinavian design. These were the basic prerequisites in creating a unique concept of a table lamp. In the second, a similar project, it was inspiration from the latest hi-tec trends.

The fact that it is possible to radically transform the design of such highly-specialised equipment as industrial machines has been demonstrated by employees and students of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design at Brno University of Technology.

Apparently, every responsible rider realizes the importance of the proper functioning of the shock absorbers of their vehicle. However, the existing methods of technical diagnostics are not simple. Many methods require the use of complex and expensive instruments. That’s why new, modern methods are used here, which are far more effective, simpler and often cheaper.

At work I often hear the question: “How might a company cooperate with Brno University of Technology?” Bit by bit I then discover that there are lots of companies in our country which have no clue that cooperating with universities can consist of something more than writing out final theses for students. Access to science at universities is constantly increasing and is also influenced by grants from the European Union. It was these grants which have helped us to equip laboratories and establish new research centres.

Employees and students of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design at Brno University of Technology made a new design for two types of scanners. They also improved some of their properties.

Slide bearings are generally characterized by their simple structure, small operating vibrations and low noise levels. However, current technical practice shows us that assumptions regarding low operating vibrations and noise are not always correct.